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The Reunion Show (TotW)

Tonight on Theme of the Week, will see a reunion of Educating Will & Matt as Mathew Morris will be making a special guest appearance, it’s my birthday see so need to do something special!

Tune in at 9pm for a show featuring birthday songs, Irish music (what a coincidence) and telling of the times since our last show together in 2012.


I’m back.

Educating Will is returning, with a new name, a new theme, on a new station.

Wednesdays - 5-6pm - Loughborough Campus Radio..

EW&M on The Final Countdown

You know when we said on the previous show on Mon that it was the last chance to hear us?  We were wrong - you can listen to us again today at 3.40pm on The Final Countdown (Livewire’s end of the year day-long show featuring various of many of its shows from throughout the year)!

Listen in on at 3.40pm to hear us sign off properly for the year, along with a few songs - also listen in throughout the rest of the day to check out some of Livewire’s many other entertaining shows!


EW&M - The Finals.

Tomorrow’s show is the last show of this year.

So listen to it - 10.30am-12.00pm Monday 14th May 2012.

There will be new suggestions, old suggestions, highlights of the show, topics, excitement, fun and games, fabulous prizes - and fruitcake to whichever listener comes up to the studio first (no, the cake is ours)!  To everyone else, please please listen in for some last minute education/write in/visit the studio/do something that is vaguely connected in some way!

So yeah, be there and be something:


The End of Series 2 & The Classical Podcast

Hello Educatees, it’s been too long!  Matt and I have been ‘enjoying’ the slightly irritating time in the year when coursework/exam preparations take priority over the time that is usually dedicated to radio broadcasting/blog writing, which is why there hasn’t been a post in a while - however, this quick one should keep you all up to date!

Mondays 23rd + 30th April were our ‘best-of’ shows parts 1 and 2, because we just had so many favourites from the past series that we wanted to play again - aren’t we appreciative!  These are just some of the ones we got through:

  • Astronomy Domine - Pink Floyd
  • Blue Sky - Common
  • White Chalk - PJ Harvey
  • Emily Kane - Art Brut
  • The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins - Leonard Nimoy

Also on the 23rd, we got to enjoy Jerusalem as covered by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (you can work out the theme for that day)!  But yeah, looking back I think we had a pretty successful series (or maybe just a couple of very disorganised weeks) considering the struggle we had of sorting out a playlist that covered everything we liked - so many thanks to all our suggestees!

Mon 7th May - Of course, this is not the end by any means, oh no!  As today, me and Matt have been recording our classical music special podcast, ‘All The Classics,’ which was meant to be broadcast live today on Livewire but due to the cruelty that is May Day (we’re students, we don’t follow these sorts of holidays), we were unable to get into the studio.  So we decided out of keenness, to record the show and release it as a podcast in the near future.  Will keep you updated on the location of such a thing - if you’ve requested any classical music for that show/just interested to hear something a bit different from us, check it out!

And of course, don’t forget to tune in next week on 14th May@ 10.30am on Livewire 1350AM for what may be our final show this year, unless we find a different station to broadcast us/do it as a podcast/etc etc…

Do send us your suggestions of absolutely any music (fb/email/’ask page’ on tumblr/text us or the studio) - we want to get as much in our last show as is physically/mentally possible!


Back for the highlights…

Just to let you all know, Matt and I are back on the air later this morning - for our highlights of Series 2 show, 10.30-11.30am BST (finishing up early - we both have lots of work to do, don’t tell the boss…), on Livewire 1350AM.

(There’s a link somewhere on this page, go find it).

If you’ve requested a song some point in the last series, tune in - you may hear it again!  If you haven’t, tune in anyway and hear what great songs people had the wisdom to suggest!

See you later,


Reflection on EW&M - Episode #9

Another hot week in the studio - Matt and I finished the penultimate show of Series 2 knowing we now have a diverse collection of songs, many of which will be played again in the next show on the 23rd of April, our best-of this series show!  Thanks to everyone who has suggested songs this series, hope we’ll hear from you again next series!   

My favourite song this week was Hands Away by Interpol (although I was particularly keen on It’s Like That by Run-DMC also) - having heard much about Interpol for a few weeks it was nice to finally hear something by them with a recommendation and also to enjoy it - I will be listening to more in the future!  Of course, it was also nice to do the same with Bob Dylan, I Want You being suggested as a song to help improve my opinion.  Unfortunately, as nice a try as it was, I’m still mostly unmoved on my Bob Dylan views (not keen on voice/music but lyrics are pretty good - a very unoriginal view but there we go) but I appreciate everyone trying to help me out their so cheers!  Matt will inform you of his favourite in due course.  Also, I’ve been hearing a lot of suggestions for Neil Young, maybe you will all be hearing him sometime soon…

Many thanks to this week’s suggestees: Dan M, Josh B, Sean O and once again, the general public, here are your suggestions listed beneath if you wish to check them out again:

  • Hands Away - Interpol
  • Old Soul Song - Bright Eyes
  • Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry
  • I Want You - Bob Dylan

Here are our picks:

  • Terminator 2 The Opera - Jon & Al Kaplan
  • Monarchy Of Roses - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • State of the Art - Martha Bean (‘Leicestershire Song’)
  • Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum (This Week’s Theme: ‘Easter’ - we know it’s a week off yet but this is as close as we can get!)

And 1001 Songs To Hear Before You Die suggested from 1983:

  • It’s Like That - Run-DMC

So for this series, that’s it for suggestions - next time we’ll be playing a large amount of the songs we’ve heard in the past seven weeks, if you requested a song, tune in again to see if we play it again (it’s highly likely)!  Thanks for listening to Series 2, after the best-of we’ll be continuing into Series 3 for a few weeks in May-June, we’ll be following your ears for a bit longer yet!

Remember: head over to Livewire 1350AM on Monday 23rd April 10.30am-12 for the final show of Series 2 - see you in four weeks!


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Reflection on EW&M - Episode #8

As the sun shone, and the heat began to well up in the studio, all was looking hopeful for another show - certainly in terms of suggestions, all were enjoyable once again.  After Radiohead’s Pyramid Song, I decided to get hold of not one, but TWO albums of theirs in the forms of Kid A and Pablo Honey (I’ve been advised to listen to Pablo Honey first, no sure why though…)  However, what may be worrying is that we’re starting to run out of of songs for our features; we’ve got through all the decades for the random song so we’ll be going back to being properly random by its definition again as in Series 1 - and for the Leicestershire song, the more vague of the selection is coming out, this week was John Deacon (bassist from Queen, a lad of Leicester) - see what I mean?  But all ok in timing for next week will be the penultimate show of this series, the final show being a best-of (sorry).

My favourite of the week was Pyramid Song by Radiohead as you probably guessed from my earlier mention - I’m very aware of Radiohead, know they’re popular - only ever listened to Creep,so this suggestion came from the general public - thank you world!  Matt’s favourite was Cello Wars by The Piano Guys (my suggestion again this week, how interesting), which is a mash-up of themes from Star Wars performed on electric cellos along with relevant sound effects - glad you enjoyed it Matt!

Suggestees this week: Jon M, Sharon M, Kate H and the world, thanks to all of you - here are their suggestions below, check them out:

  • Snuff - Slipknot
  • Astronomy Domine - Pink Floyd
  • No Love - Hooray For Earth
  • Pyramid Song - Radiohead

Our picks of the week:

  • Cello Wars - The Piano Guys
  • Fuori Del Mundo - Ludovico Einoudi
  • You’re My Best Friend - Queen/John Deacon (‘Leicestershire Song’)
  • Summer & Lightning - Electric Light Orchestra (This Week’s Theme - ‘Almost Summer’)

And 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die suggested from 2010:

  • Go Do (Jonsi)

Got a couple so far for next week but do let us know if you have any suggestions - it’ll be your last chance for this series as we’re off air for three weeks across Easter then we’ll be back for the best of show so let us know!  Text, call, facebook, email us and if you’re on Tumblr write on our ask page: and write in to the studio - tune in to Livewire, Monday 26th March 2012 for the penultimate show this series - it’s going to be good!


Reflection on EW&M - Episode #7

Thanks for listening again (if you did) and thanks for reading this (which you clearly are)!  This week the show started out pretty smoothly you may agree, Baker Street definitely being a good place to start - then it all started to get chaotic due to internet instability.  However, none of this meant a thing compared to the fact that we received once again a fine range of suggestions, so many in fact that some are still to be played on next week’s show - do look out for those if yours wasn’t played the other day!  Third week in a row now with a Home-Nations-patron-saint-day-theme-of-the-week - we’ll try something new next week - of course St. Patrick’s Day coming up on Saturday, so it was nice to hear a punk rendition of The Rocky Road To Dublin by The Young Dubliners - do have a listen, fairly different to Wolfe Tones/Pogues/Sherlock Homes versions!

My favourite this week was definitely Santeria by Sublime, always on the lookout for more ska-based songs so this was welcomed - thank you Joe!  Matt once again was overwhelmed by the selection, but decided to go for the El Nombre Theme (everyone’s favourite maths-solving-gerbil), my choice of the week - picked in connection with World Maths Day last week, unexpectedly convenient!

This week’s suggestees: Clare D, Dan M, Joe and Laura B, thanks again very enjoyable selection listed below as always…

  • Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty 
  • Positive Tension - Bloc Party
  • Santeria - Sublime
  • Score - Black Grass

Our picks:

  • El Nombre Theme 
  • The Art of Motion - Andy McKee
  • Spinner - Portico Quartet
  • Release Me - Englebert Humperdinck (‘Leicestershire Song’)
  • The Rocky Road To Dublin - The Young Dubliners (‘This Week’s Theme’) 
+ The 1001 Songs To Hear Before You Die book suggested from 2004:
  • Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire
Next week, we’ll definitely have Pink Floyd, Slipknot and Ayo Technology hopefully (if I can get a clean version that is) - if those are your suggestions, look out for them!    Also, if you have any other suggestions for next week or in general, send them on our ask page: and do please message the studio:  -  Do tune in on Monday 19th March same time as always on Livewire 1350AM - we’ll be airing some new mega-flashy jingles too!

“If Jesus comes back, he has to bring his own amp.”

—   Rich Hall, outside Norwich Playhouse (10/03/12)

Reflection on EW&M - Episode #6

Thank you Matt, nice to have you back on the show!  I suppose the main thing to comment on about Monday’s (05/03) show was though there was once again a very nice but tough variety of tracks (in terms of stringing them together appropriately, though we have now discovered playing Bjork followed by Pearl Jam isn’t actually a bad mix at all), this was not the challenge - the challenge was: finding a song for Saint Piran’s Day (the patron saint of Cornwall) - a song to be relevant to St. Piran/Cornwall or indeed artists from Cornwall proved to be hard to find. Options included Roger Taylor of Queen, Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac or Cornwall by Dutch pagan-folk band, Omnia.  But in the end, we were pleased with what we got in the form of Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends (nice village), we’ll get to that later…

I have to say my favourite track this week was Joga by Bjork - Bjork being one of those artists who’s always been there but It’s Oh So Quiet was the only song by her I really knew.  And so I did enjoy the second track off Homogenic (1997) to the extent where I immediately went and listened to the full album - a good sign!  I’m sure Matt will provide us with his insight soon enough, my guess is it’ll be Pearl Jam/Crowded House (Blue Horizon’s too obvious (as he’s in it (and brackets inside brackets are acceptable)! 

This weeks suggestees: Craig T, Annabel B, Jon M and (hi!) Mum for your suggestions - many thanks to you all, check out their suggestions below:

  • Joga - Bjork
  • Ghostbusters - The Rasmus
  • Man Of The Hour - Pearl Jam
  • Smooth - Santana

Our picks this week:

  • South Side - Moby
  • I Feel Good - James Brown
  • My Place - Blue Horizon (‘Leicestershire Song’)
  • No Hopers, Jokers & Rogues - Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends (‘This Weeks Theme’ - St. Piran’s Day)

And the 1001 Songs To Hear Before You Die book suggested from 1991 (which we already knew but who cares):

  • Weather With You - Crowded House

So far, no suggestions for Episode #7 so get suggesting (the deadline for suggesting is pretty much five minutes before we go on air) - if you’re on Tumblr, write to us on our ‘ask page’: and write in to the studio: 

Tune in on Monday 12th March 10.30am-midday, and to quote David R: ‘let the educating continue!’


All’s well

There’s no reason to panic everyone. It turns out the guys in Whitehall were, in fact, looking at undated documents from 1963. So there is no imminent threat of nuclear war. Phew.
I’d just like to thank Jon for filling in on Monday and I will be back this Monday to provide my usual strangeness and content-lacking conversational points. Hurrah!


Reflection on EW&M - Episode #5

Something was very unusual about Educating Will & Matt the other day, as it took on the form of ‘Educating Will & … Jon?’  Indeed, Matt was sadly unable to make the show on Monday because the government called him in urgently as they needed consultation on the approaching nuclear war that is apparently well on its way it turns out - and Matt is the man to sort it out!  Fortunately, and very kindly of him, Jon, on loan from the ‘Jonno and Jimbo Show’ - Livewire 1350AM, Fridays @10.30am (check it out) and one of our most committed suggestees, was able to step in and fill the challenging post that is, Matt’s chair - thanks very much Jon, it was nice to have you on the show!

I think my favourite track this week was Hexed All by Russian Circles (requested by James, also of the ‘Jonno and Jimbo Show’), really getting into that kind of soundscape/ambience at the moment - whereas Jon went for Lovecats of The Cure, as he put it, ‘he is a massive The Cure fan!’  So it all worked out!

Thank you to our suggestees this week: Mark BS, Annabel B, James H and Vanessa U for your suggestions, a nice variety as always - check them out, they’re listed beneath:

  • Call Me - Blondie
  • Wolves of the Sea - Alestorm
  • Hexed All - Russian Circles
  • Lovecats - The Cure

Mine and Jon’s picks this week:

  • What Goes On - The Beatles
  • Jesus Christ - Brand New
  • Here Comes The Rumour Mill - The Young Knives (‘Leicestershire Song’)
  • Caerdydd - Fflur Dafydd (‘This Weeks Theme’ - St. David’s Day)

And the 1001 Songs To Hear Before You Die book suggested from 1985:

  • Voices Carry - ‘Til Tuesday

Got a couple of suggestions for Episode #6 already but do let us know if you have any more, we’ll be interested to hear them even if we don’t get round to playing them this time - if you’re on Tumblr, write to us on our ‘ask page’: and write in to the studio: 

So tune in on Monday 5th March 10.30am-midday, Matt should be back (hopefully he’ll solved the end-of-the-world-problem by then)!


My Favourite Song from Monday

Hello everyone!
As promised I thought I’d share my thoughts on Monday’s requests. It was a tough one because, as usual, the song requests were all most enjoyable! I must say that my favourite was Lou Reed, though it was all very close. Thanks to those that requested songs and please continue to do so!

I also thought I’d mention that I won’t be present on the show on Monday, but I’m sure Will will have some exciting songs, sounds and conversational topics to grace your ears with!